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The following is what I wish each studio would make after their current games are made:

343 Industries - Halo Wars 3

Compulson Games - New ip: 3D platformer with artful colors.

Double Fine Productions - New ip: 2D rhythm based scroller game like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

inXile Entertainment - RTS game set in the Wasteland world.

Mojang Studios - New ip: I used to want Minecraft 2, but I’ve realized that would alienate the player base and tick tens of millions of people off. Instead, I want the NEXT Minecraft, in other words, the next huge mega hit game.

Ninja Theory - New ip: Xbox’s version of Super Smash Bros. They have PLENTY of ip now to tap into, including both gritty characters and fun/adorable ones (Sea of Thieves, Everwild).

Obsidian Entertainment - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3

Playground Games - Fable 1-3 remake in top down view like Wasteland 3. Will allow for a smaller budget to put all three games into one so players can experience them quickly.

Rare - New ip: A new artful racing game like Diddy Kong Racing with Xbox characters. Would be a massive hit with kids and families.

The Coalition - A battle royale online Halo game. You, plus 99 others, have to survive against the flood outbreak on an island. This isn’t about which player can kill every player and be the last one standing, it’s about which player can survive against an endless swarm of flood and be the last one standing. Matches could last minutes or hours depending on skill. People can watch live matches of someone surviving against all odds. Dang I’m excited by this one lol.

The Initiative - AAAA new ip game like I thought we were getting before they announced Perfect Dark: Man Bad, Plants Good.

Undead Labs - Game where you play a Zombie (Bert) (controls are WACK) and you fall in love with another Zombie (Helen) and you have to woo her by presenting her with manflesh to eat. It’s a Rom/Com Zombie game!

World’s Edge - New turn based Age of Empires game that plays like Civilization.

Bethesda - The Elder Scrolls 1 Remake.

Id Software - PreDoom. Game that sets up the whole history of Doom. Plays like Doom.

Arkane Studios - Dishonored 3