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So I have heard some controversy over the net about one of the latest Switch "Pro" rumors, and figured it could make for an interesting topic.  Please note this is NOT a prediction of if there is or is not going to be a Switch "Pro", nor is this a prediction what what screen the "Pro" might have.  This is a matter of what you would like to see, based on the rumors we have heard.

So we have hears reports of the Switch "Pro" having a 1080p screen while being a 1440p device when docked, with DLSS upscaling it to 4k.  So far, the realistic dock specs have been consistent so we will go with that for baseline power.  In handheld mode, we should probably expect 1080p to be the ceiling with fps usually being 30 fps (depending on demand, some could still be 60 fps).  In some cases, as seen in Bowser's Fury, the frame rate could even be 60 docked but 30 in portable mode.  This seems to be the one a lot of people have been hoping for, even if a few minor visual effects need to be scaled back in portable mode to hit that 1080p mark (as we have seen in the current model for a number of games).

However more recent rumors have come up regarding the screen, that suggests it is an OLED 720p screen instead.  This would still be a step up in visual quality due to the screen type, but it is not close to 1080p and this has some people upset.  However there are other things to think about than just resolution here.  With 720p now being the target, more games would be able to hit that 60 fps mark without a hit to the max resolution as that extra power could still be used to boost performance.  Furthermore it is possible, especially for 30 fps games, that visual cutbacks between docked and handheld modes could be eliminated.  This means that outside of resolution, you would have the same settings in handheld mode as you would docked mode with little to no issue.  So what we would be looking at here is lower resolution with better performance.

Now for me, I will take the 720p screen with better performance and visual settings personally.  I have always seen raw resolution as a bit overrated on a small screen, where pixels are much more condensed.  However frame rate is noticeable no matter the screen size.  To me, this decision is just solidifying top performance at all times while keeping the cost per unit as low as possible.  Even the Series S has been seen to drop below 1080p for 60 fps modes, so there is little doubt that the Switch "Pro" would end up in a similar spot anyway with a 1080p screen.

So lets hear what you think, and be sure to vote in the poll.  Also this is not about would be performance or graphical mode options that may or may not exist.  It is one or the other strictly for portable mode, based on the docked specs that line up with most rumors.

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