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I'm eclectic and listen to everything it's rare for me to not like at least a couple of songs of pretty much any singer out there

Indeed I have listened to many songs and enjoyed like... every band, singer and rapper listed on this thread of supposedly all time worst bands

I can't answer the thread, so instead I will take the opportunity to rant about what kind of singer I dislike the most!

Some acts are more often than not pretty mediocre and almost never make songs I like. The cheap hitmakers that release commercial tunes all time. There are many who fall into this description, I can think on Florida, Jason Derulo, DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and so on.

I absolutely hate how they record a cheap single after another and bring in as many other singers as possible in a desperate attempt to inflate the popularity of their songs, songs written, produced and recorded apart, each singer recording its line on their own, yes people who collab nowadays don't even met to record. I don't require a singer to compose their own stuff, I think it's fine to only sing, singing is also an integral instrument and great vocals can enhance a song a lot, but those lame collabs don't convey any emotion, they are cold and placid. Rappers and latin pop singers alike are doing this all the time, you will struggle to go on Spotify top 100 playlist and dodge all those garbage songs