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Leynos said:

That's the TV I been hearing won't work well with PS5's. Which is funny. Sony's own products not working well with their own products.

As in, may not fully support a feature that PS5 does not currently enable but might in the future, a feature few people understand or have experienced.
Also fair to say, PS5 is successfully demonstrating stable high frame rates which tend to minimize the "issue" driving VRR in the first place.
Console games of this gen will never assume VRR capable TVs because it just isn't standard enough in consumer televisions,
so games will all be optimized for stable frame rates, making VRR more of a technical bragging right than core consumer concern.
(not to say it's not nice, but if somebody wants TV now, and PS5 doesn't currently enable VRR even if TV can handle it, I wouldn't call it reason to not buy a TV)