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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
shikamaru317 said:

I like pretty much everything on their first album, Ten, but it was all downhill from there, their 2nd and 3rd albums had less good tracks and after the 3rd barely any of their albums are good imo, I think I've maybe heard 2 songs from their later albums that I liked (The Fixer from Backspacer was pretty good). Their dropoff in quality was also reflected in their sales, Ten was 13x Platinum, Vs. was 7x Platinum, and Vitalogy was 5x platinum, after those first 3 albums they drop down to single platinum (1-2m sales) and then eventually Gold (500k-1m sales), and their latest album has yet to achieve Gold after almost a year on the market.

But yeah, I agree that Black is an excellent song, one of my favorites:

I actually like "Go" from Vs. more than the other songs on Ten (except maybe Once too, I forgot that was pretty great too). 

I also think this song is pretty good, after checking out the Youtube video randomly a few years ago: 

So yea, it's not really "I hate every song with Pearl Jam with a passion", but there's just something about a lot of their music - even the stuff that is admittedly catchy - that just comes off as very grating and bland and annoying. Black is amazing though, again. 

The video is good. Those irony-steeped lyrics in Do The Evolution lyrics are quite good!
"I'm at peace with my lust, I can kill 'cause in God I trust." - love that line.

"This land is mine, this land is free, I'll do what I want and irresponsibly" is another excellent line.

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