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I think UBI would be a great way help socialize the economy without any massive revolutionary or union work. I’d do it differently. Instead of outright cash giveaways to all, I’d say tie a basic living expense fund into it but award most people an RSU in their company which the government purchases and awards to the employee at a discount value, and it vests in X time or from the time of redundancy.

With the right setup, this will encourage small business ventures and startup employment because basically new employees = free labour and finance at the expense of the government for new hiring in the short term. I also think it would encourage family businesses.

For unemployed people (parasites they were called in the 1980s), the standard income rates apply. And while it may sound like a bad thing to have these in working people funded to take part in the economy, we already do that for more than 50% of the population in one way or another in the form of dependencies, retirement funds, and insurance collection. It’s not a major expense, in other words. And will continue to shrink as a burden as industrial automation via mechanical and AI tasks advance.

I think this will revitalize society around the western world, give people purpose who didn’t even want purpose before.

Many people who work hard lack are miserable and under productive as a result; this is because they are dragged by a leash and aren’t actually self-disciplined - they don’t even know the skill. UBI, psychologically, will be a boon on the happiness of people and cut down substantially on depression because it will encourage productivity by self-discipline rather than dragging by leash. 

Last edited by Jumpin - on 06 March 2021

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