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curl-6 said:
Mnementh said:

You should say: quality first party games you like. Because you left out a lot of actual quality 1st party games, like Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros, Fire Emblem, Luigis Mansion. That is the thing, Switch doesn't have a weak first party library compared to previous gens. It may not have the games you desire though. But the games actually released sell millions each, so I guess these are games a lot of people enjoy.

Games I like and games I consider quality are one and the same. Quality is a subjective perception. And sales are a non-factor in what constitutes quality to me. 

Quality is actually objective.  Gameplay preference is completely subjective however.  I will use myself as an example...

I absolutely despise Red Dead Redemption 2 and feel it ia heavily overrated.  However I would not say it isn't a quality product.  The game is oozing of quality for those that like it.

I also think TLoU2 is a very average game with an average story that plays well enough, but fails to keep me hooked for much more than half the game.  That does not change the fact that it is a quality product.

On the flip side, I loved Orphan Scion of Sorcery as a kid.  Even back then, I knew the game was trash.  But something compalled me to beat it multiple times.

More recently, on PS3 there is a JRPG called Cross Edge.  That game has so many problems with it, that it could be called anything BUT quality.  I however really enjoyed it because it also had aspects that I liked.  In no way would I call it a quality game compared to other big JRPGs.

It is completely possible to recognize what is quality and what isn't, even when it does bot line up with your gameplay preference.  By definition, quality is indeed objective in every sense.

I will agree however that sales are not a measure of quality either.  For example Cyberpunk, while a great game in of itself, WAS NOT a quality product at launch...or even now.  Yet it sold millions on hype.

On the flip side, games from your own like like the Msteoid Prime games did not blow up sales at all, but they are indeed quality games.

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