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Ka-pi96 said:

eh, it's not a terrible idea. But it definitely shouldn't be "universal". Only have people below a certain financial threshold eligible for it. I specifcally say "financial threshold" rather than income so that those that have inherited vast fortunes don't get extra money that they don't need and it is solely for those that would actually benefit from it.

That said I think it would be much better to spend the money from this on different things instead. ie. free healthcare, sick pay, parental leave pay etc.

You mean something like a guaranteed minimum income? Something like that exists in most countries in Europe.

Here in Luxembourg, you also have to repay it once you get a stable income; the state does so by capping the amount of money on your account and everything that goes past that amount goes to the payment of your income you had when you had no work or unemployment benefits. This way, you can also ensure that people with big inheritances don't gain anything from it as what they would give them, they would immediately take back again. Also, you don't always have to pay everything back, if you're reaching retirement age you don't have to pay back anymore, and if you have a disability you never have to pay it back.

Also, while I was under our guaranteed minimum income scheme, I was freed from paying taxes (you actually don't have to pay taxes if you earn the minimum wage or below here, minimum income is 80% of minimum wage), but still fully covered for healthcare and had my normal 5 weeks of holiday leave and normal sick pay (which means up to 6 months per year here btw) and would have had parental leave if I had a child, too.