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shikamaru317 said:
Metallox said:

That's a hard one, it's probably one that none of us know about, but if you want to know which band that is or was at least moderately popular is definitely bad, well, I honestly don't know. Linkin Park? I never liked them and genuinely think their sound was more noise than music. I know shit about music so I'm the least qualified to make such a statement, though.

I liked Linkin Park's first 2 albums, but man they sure did take a turn for the worse. Went from making nu metal to ultra poppy rock. Their alienation of their original fanbase was reflected in their sales too, dropped from 12x and 7x platinum on the first two down to 4x on the 3rd and then single platinum or below on every later album.

I'd say the sales decline was more to do with the decrease in music sales that most acts have seen in the past 15-20 years. Their first two albums also came out at the right time - they were at the forefront of one of the biggest musical movements at the time. Not outright saying there wasn't a backlash, but there were other factors. Hybrid Theory is a great album, but Meteora was a weak follow up. Minutes to Midnight, Living Things and The Hunting Party are all great albums.

My vote would probably go to some grindcore band with awful songwriting and terrible production. I like a lot of extreme metal, but even I have a limit.

Also, Nickelback are boss ^^