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4 more days (including today) until the Monster Hunter digital event. 

I'm pretty excited. One thing that is interesting is that the leaks of the Monster roster were apparently only based on marketing material, and even then Capcom has changed their marketing material a bit since the initial leaks (switched around what trailers the monsters were revealed in as well as what monsters would be in I think).

Datamining covered a lot of new ground as far as the roster goes. But the thing is, the datamining was only based on the demo, which obviously was scrubbed very clean. Despite this, we got a LOT of new soft-confirmations from it. Even moreso since they announced a few days ago that crafting materials from monsters that aren't in the game wouldn't be a thing in Rise, which basically confirmed a lot of monsters just by the material pieces that were datamined. 

The "base" roster of Large monsters, when including the datamined and leaked ones, is already pretty big, especially compared to World. What's going to be interesting is what Elder Dragons they confirm, though. We have

6 confirmed already (5 if you don't include Jhen Mohran). And we know that the Elder Dragon Chameleos is going to be the first free DLC monster. We also know there's going to be two "Elder-Dragon tier" monsters (I guess 3 if you include Bazelguise, but he's pretty easy to be considered Elder-Dragon tier). I kind of wonder if there's a few more Elder Dragons that are yet to be confirmed because the demo was mostly spotless, or if we know them all already. In general I wonder that for all the monsters, but I almost feel llike it'd be too greedy to expect more large monsters, so i'm mostly curious about Elders (especially since they are usually the most important end-game content.