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Cobretti2 said:
Agente42 said:

maybe I have luck. My Note 4 fully beautiful and working, almost six years of use. Only buy a great amount of the batteries. 

Maybe a new tech OLED screen is the problem?

I just assumed samsung cut corners to make them cheaper and now not the same quality as they used to be

According to a reliable source never been *proved wrong before*,the new OLED screen burn is due to the way they make the new displays.Samsung found out that Sony had hundreds of millions of OLED Vita displays manufactured due to a badly misplaced decimal point or two, and they were stored for possible future use but were forgotten about so Sony changed to LCD Vita screens, now Samsung bought them and makes them into new screens by gluing them to a clear plastic backing made to product screen size then glues the Vita screens onto the backing cutting away any excess. now since I have done such a great job I demand you hit the notification button like button and sub button shirt button damn it just push all my buttons.

* denotes in a court of law.