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trunkswd said:
mk7sx said:

@trunkswd Is this in line with VGC tracking for the year so far?  

It looks like we are a bit too high. At least when you go off of Switch being up 80% year-over-year and with Switch and PS5 sales being pretty much the same in 2021. I'm guessing we are a bit high in the UK for the Switch in Jan/Feb 2020. I'll go through it thoroughly and make adjustments, so we are more in line with what Chris has revealed. 

Edit: As of right now Switch being up 80% would mean it sold 140,236 units in Jan/Feb 2021. So with PS5 sales about the same that is 280,000 for just those 2. Which would leave like 70,000-80,000 for Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and Xbox One for Jan/Feb, and we already know Xbox Series X|S was #1 in January. So not like its sales were that low last month. 

Mind you this is before adjustments. So I will lower our Switch sales slightly for Jan/Feb 2020, then make our 2021 sales match the +20% in Jan and bump up 3D World sales week. 

We know Switch sales were up 20% in Jan 2021. So it is way up in Feb.

JP, Spain and US are supply constrained. Uk is not, Amazon has Switch OG model.