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axumblade said:

Favorite 2D Mario game is Super Mario World but Super Mario Bros 3 is up there for me.

Bonus: I want someone to take on a new Super Mario RPG game. Paper Mario isn't terrible but it's not the same. Since the classic rpg aesthetic is pretty popular and Nintendo are licensing out 1st party characters, it would be awesome to see this game either remade or with an official sequel.

x 1,000,000

Super Mario RPG on the snes is probably the best rpg the SNES had, even though it had plenty good ones.
Its a shame the direction they have taken Paper Mario these last few games in the series.
Honestly if they cant be bothered to make Paper Mario a proper RPG, they should work on getting a new Super Mario RPG game out (that can these replace that itch for a rpg mario game).