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curl-6 said:

All this time on dating apps and I just got a "yes" to a date from someone I met in real life like 8 years ago at a family Christmas, who was dating my cousin at the time. *Banjos play in the distance*

Seriously though, she's really hot (way outta my league) and as it was so long ago I'm hoping it won't be an issue. She lives about two hours away so we're meeting in the middle, an hour from each of us. Hope distance doesn't become an issue if we do end up in a relationship, though that's thinking a bit far ahead. 

I only asked her out as a "fuck it, may as well" cos of my recent brush with cancer making me want to take more opportunities in life and live more in the moment, didn't expect her to say yes.

I have found out early in my like the key to dating a woman who you believe is attractive or hot is conquering the fear of rejection and just ask them out.  It really does not matter how hot you believe they are or how out of league.  Once you stop worrying about woman saying no you find out that most will give you a shot.