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Mar1217 said:
h2ohno said:

By far the most exiting thing announced during Friday's Pokemon presentation was Pokemon Legends Arceus.

This is a massive, open world Pokemon game where you venture out into the wild and explore and find Pokemon living in the world.  It looks like Pokemon meets Breath of the Wild, and the trailer was trying to give Breath of the Wild vibes with certain shots.  This seems to be the game many of us wanted Sword and Shield to be, from the graphics being a huge improvement to the freedom and openness of the game.

That said, there are some problems.  The world seems pretty barren, with very few Pokemon on screen at any one time and no large Pokemon shown off to give off a sense of awe.  In addition, the framerate is bad, with some Pokemon looking like they are moving in single digit framerates.  Hopefully this is because they showed off an early unoptimized build since the game is at least a year away, but given Gamefreak's history of being unable to push whatever hardware they were working on there's plenty of reason for concern with the graphics.

If we're talking about GameFreak in the Switch-era, then no problem with the statement. However, they were some of the rarest devs to actually push their hardwares to the limit. 

The 3DS games were incredibly demanding, while the DS used 3D assests as well and continued to evolve the 2D pixel sprites to almost perfection at the end of the 5th Gen.

I'd actually say the Switch is the first console where GF hasn't been able to efficiently push the hardware to it's limit as they could.

Strongly disagree.  The 3DS Pokemon games did not begin to compare to games that actually pushed the hardware like Resident Evil Revelations, Kid Icarus Uprising, any Monster Hunter, ect.  The fact that there were performance problems with the 3D in X/Y and the 3D was abandoned in later games on the platform has more to do with poor programming and optimization on Gamefreak's part than the games being technically demanding in the assets and effects they pushed.  Pokemon games have never been among the better-looking games on their respective hardware.  Before the Switch that was never much of a problem, but Nintendo's other studios and even many third party developers have always pushed much more demanding games than Gamefreak on their respective hardware.

In terms of this new game, Gamefreak probably needs help from another studio which has experience in designing open-world games.  I hope they have Monoliftsoft helping them out like they did with Breath of the Wild.  The closer the Pokemon come to the animals of Xenoblade Chronicles X in the wonder they inspire upon encountering them the better.