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JWeinCom said:
Captain_Yuri said:

I think we will get it on the Switch 2

Not sure if this was meant sarcastically or not, but Nintendo seems to have a lot on the horizon for 2022, compared to what seems, so far, like a pretty light 2021. Could just be a coincidence, but I would not be entirely shocked if Nintendo is targeting a lot of titles to 2022 to support some form of new hardware whether that's a revision or a new title, and things like Arceus and Splatoon 3 end up as cross gen. 

Nah I really mean it. Switch, while an incredible portable console, has a lot of limitations in it's hardware. With a lot of innovative tech that Nvidia is coming up with will hopefully make it into the Switch 2 in some form and should allow the hardware leap to be quite massive assuming something weird doesn't happen. That and then you have Game Freak gaining experience into making open world Pokemon games should be a recipe for a pretty awesome Pokemon on the Switch 2.


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