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Visually it comes up short against the 4 year old~ Breath of the Wild, which itself was a port from a weaker platform... But that game had A-class art direction.

I do need to give props to Game Freak for not just throwing out a target render and actually using in-game footage, full of aliasing artifacts and all, shows they have nothing to hide.
Some of the animations were half rate/quarter rate of the framerate, which stuck out like a sore thumb. (Can be seen at 1:05 in the video with the pokemon bobbing up and down.)

It is still a *massive* step up from Sword and Shield which still retained allot of 3DS level assets for a chunk of it's visual makeup and should never have been ported to Switch in the state it did.

But I personally can't help but want something more. - I'll give it a purchase and a playthrough though, graphics aren't everything, especially in a stylized title like this.

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