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KLXVER said:
heavenmercenary01 said:

Shit scam mobile games all the way + Snap footages.
Gonna be another let down since the pokémon co. decided to capitalize on mobile gaming and spit on console gaming for real.
Nothing new over here, another milking (of the most lucrative franchise in the world) direct with no quality in the horizons.
Once again people tend to get overhyped with every thing and don't want to learn from previous mistakes and dissapointments. at this point it has become masochistic.

So nothing new since 1998 then...

hh not to that extent. The second, third and fourth generation were good. I liked home console games from stadium down to colosseum and DX. To me, i would say everything has stopped with Sun and Moon. The success of Pokémon Go made everything worse for games on console, the proof is the sw/sh.