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anonymunchy said:
Agente42 said:

You see this in a interview on GDC '04.

You seem to be really focused on this fact

This is an interview from 2004, where he talks about something even further in the past. He also says he never thought he'd be making games similar to that, meaning he's changed his mind. He also mentions in that interview that A Link to the Past is what got him into Zelda, a game very similar in style to the original Zelda, just more refined.

The title of the link is also "Aonuma hates zelda", which is just horrible clickbait and the entire article just reads like a disgruntled entitled fanboy who didn't get what he wanted. 

On a different note, Aonuma was also director on Ocarina of Time. So why does he get the blame for Majora's Mask (whatever is even to blame) and not the praise on Ocarina of Time. Miyamoto was producer on all these games.
He was also Franchise Supervisor on Hyrule Warriors, which had an amazing amount of fan service and incredible throwbacks to the original Zelda.

In Ocarina he's in charge of Water Temple. 

Aonuma is Shigeru'protegee. Shiggy is responsible for employee Aonuma. He sees himself on Aonuma. But Aonuma is not at the same level. 

Last edited by Agente42 - on 21 February 2021