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Nintendo attempted the wish-fulfillment Ultimate Direct route in 2014; shit all WiiUs were moved and 99% of humanity is still unaware it existed. Now the niche 1% complain about it's games getting a second life, yet they all sell well because they're great games that no one has played.

On the side, even though Skyward Sword isn't a WiiU port, I'm one who believes the awkward time it did come out undersold the potential demand for it, though I'm aware that's a divisive subject. Regardless, I'd still just view it as a nice throw-in for the event-- even if you take it out, the direct was still solid overall. And considering they had no update for BotW2, I find it a logical substitue for the timeframe.
Just to re-iterate, those in the know may be very familiar with the game along with the many mixed opinions on it, but many from the general gaming audience that had long moved on from the Wii Sports Machine in 2011, could see it as a fresh experience while they wait for the next original Zelda adventure.

Switch has more than enough games to play. You don't have to look hard to find them either. Just being a little more open-minded and a bit less demanding could got a long way.

Argue all you want that Nintendo have become too complacent, after digging themselves out of the last ditch they were in, managing to find a sustainable formula that sometimes has to prioritise financial longevity, when they've already proven that appealing to fan demand through pure game output doesn't gain them anything. Use whatever logic you choose for why the WiiU was snubbed by the gaming community and never got the chance it deserved. You get the industry you deserve. If Nintendo wasn't good enough for you then and not good enough for you now, they'll never be good enough.

I choose to appreciate what they can give me while the games are still true to the quality I expect and their platform still offers a point of differnce. I won't pretend the directs are better than they are, but if nothing else they can still be good for a laugh like with the Dunkey video; until people take it too literally and use it as ammo for their theological debates.

Nintendo don't even try to hype these events up. They're mostly announced a day or two ahead. Yet every time fans go in with their wishlists expecting to be blown away and when they're not it's as if Nintendo took something from them.