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Honestly probably the most hype thing about Rise to me is that, unlike World, there is going to be a lot more high tier monsters in the game. Not necessarily talking about elder dragons but like, just anything that actually presents more than a decent challenge. I think they've technically already revealed more than World by now? The only challenging monsters in World at launch was the four elder dragons and Bazelgeuse, whereas we already have Barioth, Tigrex, Magnamalo, Rajang, and the Elder Dragons yet to be revealed. Rakna-Kadakai (the spider), Almudron (mud weasel dragon), and Goss Harag (samurai ghost bear) also look like they might be somewhat high tier, especially Rakna. Plus the fact that...

I saw the leaks and know there's a shit ton more returning high tiers to be revealed. 

Basically, whereas World created a lot of new monsters with most of them being low-tier and piss easy, it feels like Rise has a much more evenly proportioned amount of difficulty in it's new monsters, AND just a much bigger amount of returning monsters overall. Like World was 80-85% piss easy and it made the fights less memorable imo. 

Last edited by AngryLittleAlchemist - on 19 February 2021