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S.Peelman said:
Ka-pi96 said:

So... if you end up being the victim of identity fraud there's a possibility that it's an alien that's pretending to be you?

@OP Finding samples of life would be interesting. Although at the same time it would also be massively depressing, no? I mean, they're talking about samples of former life that died ages ago. Life being on other planets going from a possibility to a certainty would surely be cool, but what if we're too late and all the other life is no longer alive?

Yes. That could now happen. I'm starting to regret putting my name in there, what if there's already aliens on Mars, and now they can take over my life. I'm sorry in advance.

You know how the nazis were so efficient in rounding up people? You just gave up your name to the martians!

@Ka-pi96 It would confirm suspicions that life is universal and not a happy accident on Earth. The more signs of life on other planets, the higher the chances are there is more advanced life out there as well.

The chances of finding that advanced life are depressing though. Distances in time and space are too big and the more life we find, the more it would also confirm that the laws of physics, ie the speed of light and ever expanding universe will keep us apart.

Let's just hope the Martians didn't all die from a dormant more deadly coronavirus about to be shipped back to Earth :)