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mZuzek said:
Shiken said:

A lot of people claimed that SS could never be ported to to the motion controls and how the game was built around them. Said it would be too much work or something like that. They would have to revamp the entire control scheme, which may not look like much on the surface but puts it above a simple HD port.

So now that they did that, is that all of a sudden not a big deal or are we just ignoring it for the sake of complaining?

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The game was literally ported to a console with motion controls though, it's gonna play just like it did back in the Wii. Sure, they added button controls, but it's quite apparent that the game isn't designed for that and if it were the only way to play, it wouldn't do any justice to the game.

So the solution is to act like they did not put in the work to add them at all?

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