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mjk45 said:
Stuart23 said:

Yeah,but well, this is true to any company being successful. Like how Sony got greedy on yhe beggining of the PS3 era or how EA and Activision and so many more got greedy resulted in that lootbox disaster. After all, they are all big companies, making huge money just make them less and less satisfied.

About these ports situation, yeah Skyward Sword shouldn't had that price. Funny that I've had bought many third party ports for Switch but so far none from Nintendo itself (though I want Captain Toad and Mario 3D World), but to be far, it is mostly because I owned most of them on Wii U. And as long as they keep selling so much Nintendo will keep doing them. For me personally, I can get over ports I don't want as long as the console have other games I do want, so I'll spend my time on those. Is not like Switch is lacking games I want to play, so for me, I can live without those overpriced ports.

I'm not sure that losing money on a console is greed, now if they had profited at the early price point yes, you can make was a case for overconfident though.

If you are confused about that PS3 example,I was talking about how the massive hit of the PS2 made Sony do a lot of stupid stuff during the development and launch of the PS3, by assuming the consumers and third parties would just support the console by default.

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