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Nintendo is "greedy" no doubt but I think the remasters/ports have more to do with the opportunity that rises from a lack of backwards compatibility than anything else.

See if the Switch was backwards compatible with the wiiU, I highly doubt they would make as many ports/remasters because people can get the wiiU version and will get very similar visuals/experience with a lot of these remasters/ports. It's similar to the lazy ports/minimal effort remasters which were on ps4 and xbox one. They have had a ton of remasters/ports due to the lack of BC. But now with the Ps5/SeriesX, because of BC, they will have a lot less ports/remasters from the ps4/one era. Especially since Sony and MS are practically giving a lot of these games away through PS+ Collection and Gamepass.

Imo if Switch 2 has BC to Switch, I doubt we will see as many ports/remasters of switch games compared to the wiiU games to the switch regardless of how successful Switch 2 is. Assuming they don't call it the Switch U that is...


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