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PAOerfulone said:
JWeinCom said:

Doesn't seem likely to happen. They at least have enough decent third party support to keep the momentum going, and the evergreen titles are still selling well. The first half of the year lineup isn't objectively bad, it's just weird that basically nothing is coming from Nintendo themselves.

It's like a I said a while back, Nintendo is content now with taking a step back and shifting gears towards their next system which is currently under development. They'll still develop games and provide support for the system to keep momentum steady, but now they're letting 3rd party companies take the driver's seat when it comes to Switch support.

Animal Crossing came out about 3 years in and there's been one new release since then. Way too early for Nintendo to be taking their foot off the gas. Even when they had two separates systems support didn't dry up that quickly.