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I thought it was a solid one, but it lacked the oomph to really make it great. Unfortunately I'm not that interested in a new Splatoon so the "big" reveal of the Direct was a letdown for me.

I'll finally get to play Legend of Mana, and hopefully Squeenix will continue to port their old RPG's. Maybe one day they'll even get their finger out of their behind and port Terranigma. But that's a big maybe...
I've never played Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2 so the Ninja Gaiden Collection is quite welcome.
And I'm of course thrilled about Skyward Sword HD!

Famicom Detective Club looks like they might be right up my alley, as is that new game from the Danganronpa crew, whatever the name was.
The SRPG from the Octopath team looks sweet.

It was a 7/10 for me. Lots of good content but there wasn't any game that really blew me away, and not that many of the games I'm interested in are actually new titles.