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Not sure what the basis for scoring is here, so I don't know how I'd score it. I rarely like this format of Direct, and this lived up to my expectations of not liking it.

I think Nintendo should stop doing these big tent Directs that imply this is the best of the best for the next year. It's poor messaging, poor marketing. Why are they showing a game from 2022 as the signature game of the show? One that didn't look like it offered anything new or exciting either. Does that mean they've got nothing else in the next 11 to 23 months? If they actually do, then why not have the sign-off game be something that's actually coming out sometime soon? I liked their 2020 strategy better. This felt like the bad marketing of the Wii U era. And the high volume of games with little/no information achieved less than clicking on the E Shop and looking at what's coming up and what's on sale.

I only remember 3 games that I wanted, there might have been more, but I don't recall them.
1. Mario Golf
2. The Tactics Ogre spiritual successor game from Square
3. The detective/mystery adventure (or "visual novel") game.

The Animal Crossing update looked interesting.

But honestly, is anyone still going to argue that these big-tent Directs are ever going to be good? They almost never are.

Last edited by Jumpin - on 17 February 2021

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