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Not a ton of interesting stuff. Lack of BotW 2 info/footage is a bit disappointing. Didn't even show any Pokemon Snap 2 footage.

Though there were some surprise game announcements which are always fun. I certainly didn't expect Splatoon 3 and a new Mario Golf game. That SE tactical RPG looks interesting. Reminds me of Octopath along with FF Tactics.

In terms of ports and multiplat, happy to see Appex and Fall Guys. Legend of Mana is a game that somewhat interests me. Remember watching my buddy play back in the 90s, I remember it being pretty underrated. It has that unique map system and colorful art style going for it.

Love me some Xenoblade 2 and I have an uber nerd crush on Pyra/Mythra. May have to finally pull the trigger on a DLC character pack.

I guess I'd better just let go of hoping for a new F-Zero otherwise I'm just going to continue to let myself down heh.

As an owner of multiple consoles (and now new gaming PC), I don't really need many new games right now - esp given my Switch backlog is still fairly extensive. Still, I feel like this direct would be a tad disappointing for those Switch-only console owners. Overall I'd consider this "ok." Sufficient but could have been better, especially given how long it's been since the last major direct.


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