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BraLoD said:

How much does it costs? Knowing Nintendo it must be full price, and If it's a 2013 game at full price in 2021 that might have a lot to do with it.
I love 3D World, and the fully cat themed Bowser's Fury feels like a nice expansion.

Metallox said:

Okay, I only watched the 3D World's portion of his review, and if I remeber correctly, he complained about the multiplayer, fixed angles and animations (some of them). Was Bowser's Fury that much of a deal to lower the score to 7?

They actually seemed to say they liked Bowser's Fury better. The complaints all seem to revolve around the game being too hard. They even complained that when you die too many times the game gives you a golden leaf which gives you incincibility and the Tanooki suit. But, apparently being invulnerable and having a crazy good jump isn't enough because you could still potentially fall down a hole. 

Any challenge is apparently too much for this reviewer.