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UnderwaterFunktown said:
PotentHerbs said:

It looks like the PS5 and Switch are undertracked based on some of the figures posted in this thread. I wonder how long the Switch's NPD streak is going to last. Impressive record, but if it weren't for the supply issues at launch, PS5 would have broken it back in November.

Sony continues to make bank on accessories. The Dualsense and 3D Headset alone might make up for the loss on PS5 hardware lol. Great legs for Miles Morales and Demon's Souls.

A bit of a mute point since the Switch was/is also supply constrained in the US.

But it's true ofc that the PS5 (and many other consoles) could sell insane amounts at launch if supply wasn't a limiting factor.

Sure. But the PS5 would be doing it at a higher price point.