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RolStoppable said:
SilenceDeadly said:

As precited Ps5 will be breaking all records going forward as Stock stabilises.

Will be a rought few years for the Nintendo elitist on this site, 2nd in SW forever, soon enough 2nd in HW for a very long time.

2nd Place fits you well.

Enjoy it.

Getting points in the revenue category is hollow when inflation is a thing.

It's worth mentioning that since fiscal year ending March 2020 Sony has changed their reporting method for software shipments to include digital-only games.

It's doubtful that the PS5 can beat Switch in yearly hardware sales anytime soon.

Your recent thread about PS's alleged software domination showed how desperate you are. As did your comments in December when you were sure that VGC was undertracking the PS5, only for it to be confirmed later on that VGC's tracking was in the right ballpark.

Why would inflation be a thing?  The comparison is using constant dollars.  If inflation was part of the equation, Matt would have highlighted that.  The PS5 can easily win a couple NPD months this year when their stock situation improves, the demand is there.  That can also be the catalyst for the console to beat the Switch starting in 2022.