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sundin13 said:

Normally I'm against exclusivity, but its not like Epic "exclusive" games can only be played on some PC's. It is just a free, universally available storefront so there really isn't a strong consumer drawback to "exclusivity". "I can't buy it from my preferred store" doesn't really seem like a strong enough drawback for me to get worked up about.

I'd be interested to hear from those who are angry about this what the actual cost of exclusivity is to the consumer.

It's mostly on principle and personal slight inconvenience. No one had an issue when almost all PC games were Steam exclusive. Having Epic means having the inconvenience of being on multiple platforms and you can't just inconvenience people who enjoyed the benefits of a monopoly for so long.

The truth is that Epic has the exact same business model as consoles, except it's not nearly as bad. That's why I can hate what consoles are doing and still tolerate what Epic is doing without being a hypocrite.

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