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Chazore said:
JWeinCom said:

Well, that's a deflection.

If someone's opinion on a game is purely based on seeing video of it, I'm generally not going to take their opinion on it very seriously in most regards (I mean they could have valid opinions on cutscenes and voice acting or w/e) and I think others are justified in being dismissive.

That is a perfectly reasonable use of "gate-keeping" based on a reasonable set of rules. If people aren't following them, then by all means, call them out when they don't. 

There's deflection in this very thread, in regards to the TLOU II's shortcomings.

I find it a bit odd how reviews and even documentaries on something, cannot count towards swaying a decision, unless someone actually opts to waste money on something, only for them to decide "they didn't like it", while completely ignoring all the information that was available to them beforehand. 

If we go by those made up rules, then I guess a good chunk of this forum can never really talk or say nowt or any ill of any PC exclusive game then (yet we've had that for years and not much has been done about it, so I'm left asking you mods as to what is going on with this duality you've not presented).

I certainly haven't deflected any criticism of TLOU2. As established, I haven't played the game so I generally don't know if any particular criticism is valid or not.

I don't know what being a mod has to do with anything. I have not moderated you, nor have I threatened to. And, I've never moderated anyone just for speaking negatively about a game they haven't played. Not speaking for other mods, but my response to you was simply in my personal capacity telling you that I found your analogy to be shitty. Which is demonstrated by the fact that you can't actually defend it in any meaningful way except to point at other people.

As explained, you can indeed make a decision based on reviews or lets plays or whatever. In deciding whether or not to buy the game, that's the best information you could get (unless you can play it for free) so you got to go with it. That's what I did. But, since I only read reviews and watched gameplay videos, I recognize that my information is limited, and won't make any statement more bold than "I didn't think I'd enjoy it based on what I saw/read". Generally, if I haven't played a game, I'm not going to comment on its overall quality. Which again, isn't a an official rule, but I think a pretty sensible way to act. 

I'm assuming you'd agree the best way to have an informed opinion on a game is to play it. Watching videos of it would be a very distant second. Reading/listening to the assessment of someone who has played the game is a really distant third. Reading the assessment of someone who has only watched the game and read accounts from players is an incredibly distant fourth. 

So... If you were reading a review from someone and at the top of the review it said "note I have not played this game but I watched the entire thing on Youtube and read some reviews", would you consider that an informed opinion? Would you care what they had to say?

Last edited by JWeinCom - on 07 February 2021