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Chazore said:

I almost want to ask people "have you ever tried death?. You can't say much about it unless you've tried it, because I know how batshit crazy that sounds, but that's what "you can't say shit unless you've touched it with two thumbs" sounds to me, as if using those things called eyes and ears aren't something you can use already to determine is something is good or not, let alone the tongue or nose for smelling and tasting.

I can't believe in all my years that I had to actually mention something so glaringly basic, on a site like this.

Imagine ignoring all of history, because it's easy to access and view for everyone to see, but because you didn't take part in a specific era of history, you don't get to judge the rest of history, like for real, that sounds completely fucking asinine and stupid.

Well, it sounds asinine and stupid, because it's a strawman argument, and that's what they're designed to be.

If you want to have people respect your opinion on something, you should do the best kind of research possible. In this case, playing the game is undoubtedly the best form of research you can do.

Our research ability is sometimes limited. For instance, I cannot fully investigate death, because the price of that investigation would be losing my life, and that's not a price I'm willing to pay. The price of researching TLOU2 would be spending 60 bucks, or whatever it is, and devoting however many hours it would take, which is a far more reasonable fee.

Which is not to say that you have to absolutely play it to have any opinion. I watched videos and read reviews of TLOU and decided based on that it wasn't the kind of game I'd enjoy, and that I wouldn't want to spend 60 dollars on it (which also applies to the sequel). I worked with what I had to make the most informed decision I could because obviously I can't buy and play everything, so I got to draw the line somewhere.

But the validity of my conclusions are going to be limited by the amount of research I did. Saying that it deserves or does not deserve to be GOTY is something I'm not going to say without having actually played the game. If I did, people would be perfectly justified in not taking my opinion very seriously.