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74% - Introverted
85% - Intuitive
83% - Feeling
83% - Prospecting
72% - Turbulent
I ALWAYS get this, EVERY time I take this fucking test. I seriously think these are just the obvious answers to questions on this test...
I'm the exact opposite of this! Except for the T-part.
Introverted, not extroverted? I'm definitely a party guy, I love rounds of drinks more than most. I love getting around and digging into deep philosophy, history, and even theology (despite being completely, 100%, unreligious); and I love flirting... I'm married and I love flirting; and it usually goes well for me (maybe because they know I'm not a threat to their heart and will not make a single serious move... just flirt).
Intuitive, not observant? Fuck off! Calling me unobservant? It's true, I have walked directly past people I've known without observing them, but I think that's a different kind of observant. That's normally because I'm busy contemplating the things I'm observing or some other thing from before. But when examining a situation, I'd say I am far more likely to respond to what people are saying rather than make some shit up in my head and say that's what they actually mean -- I get that crap done 90% of the time I say something on Reddit or youtube =D
FEEELING, and low thinking? Now this is just getting insulting! What asshole made up this test? Triple FUCK FUCK FUCK OFF OFF OFF =D
How's that for feeling and not thinking things through?!
Prospecting, not judging? This is just funny, how many people here DON'T consider me an asshole? =D
Turbulent is correct... though. Surprised I only got 72%, my lowest score of the bunch. I am indeed turbulent. Have you SEEN my rants and rambles? They're shockingly drifty and massive!
Last edited by Jumpin - on 06 February 2021

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.