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curl-6 said:

Tried the test again and got INFJ/Advocate this time.
I guess I'm on the borderline as far as Prospecting versus Judging.

A lot of the description relates to me very strongly though, indeed I am in fact an "Advocate" by trade as my job is working with and advocating for people on the spectrum. I also definitely have a very strong sense of what I perceive to be right or wrong, feel a strong motivation to try to fix injustice, and have often tended to neglect my own wellbeing in my pursuit of helping others.

I know all this isn't strictly scientific but it is interesting nonetheless.

According to their theory INFP and INFJ are actually not very alike, even if the 4-letter system imply they are 

The closest type to INFJ are INTJ, and the closest type to INFP is ISFP

All your words screams INFP or ISFP for me: High sense of right or wrong, strong internal moral motivations, self sacrifice, pursuing the well being of others (even if only for own personal satisfaction of helping others) 

INFJ are not like that. INFJ is about having a holistic perception of the world. Is a person who like to see connections between things, understand them and learn with them. INFJ are particularly attracted for social issues and social harmony, but they not because they have a high sense of right or wrong, but because they have a high sense of understanding. They can understand many point of views and how to deal with them, INFJ are probably the most socially skilled type of all MBTI (to a point they can even be very manipulative if they aren't... let's say "healthy")

When an INFP or ISFP seek well-being because they feel is the right thing to do. Guess what, if they don't feel they need harmony they will just don't bother with it

INFP are also highly judgmental, not in the sense they will recriminate anyone, but in the sense of evaluating things, judging things under their own moral compass. If you kind of a guy who always think in an action is morally correct? High chances of being INFP or ISFP

INFJ as a said is about connecting abstract things, people's emotions, ideas, sensations, memories, etc. They aren't as emotional as an INFP would be, their emotions don't play them. 

If you like LOTR: Frodo is INFP, his mission was to endure to weight of bear the Ring and he needed an insane willpower and trust his path was the morally right to resist the Ring's corruption 

Gandalf is INFJ, he was there to learn about the people of middle earth, befriend them and protect them but also to guide people and in some ways, to lead them