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Week 3 Breakdown:

PlayStation 4: Up in Europe; Down in the U.S., Japan, and Rest of the World; Down overall.

PlayStation 5: Up in Europe and Japan; Down in the U.S. and Rest of the World; Up overall.

Xbox One: Up in Japan; Down in the U.S., Europe, and Rest of the World; Down overall.

Xbox Series: Up in all regions.

Nintendo Switch: Up in all regions.

Good news for Microsoft this week as the Xbox Series is up in every single region and worldwide compared to the Xbox One in the 3rd week of 2014. A very encouraging sign that suggests if they manage to get their stock and supply situation in order, the Xbox Series baseline could be higher the Xbox One baseline, which would demonstrate growth and improvement from the previous generation.

Sony is in a similar situation with the PS5 winning its first week of this comparison over the PS4 in 2014. If both companies can manage to each higher baselines for both of their new hardware compared to their prior hardware, it would be a very strong sign for the industry as a whole to have all of the Big Three performing better than they did in the previous generation.

Nintendo continues to ride the Switch's strong momentum leaving 2020 into 2021 as it has its 2nd complete sweep over last year. Famitsu already released their latest figures which has the Switch up in Japan from the prior week. If that holds true for the other regions, the Switch should be up Week over Week when the next numbers drop.