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Barozi said:

I wanna talk about the Platinum eligible games.

You say 1st party and most big 3rd party games are eligible, but how exactly will that be decided? Are you going to post a release schedule for the following month and we vote for the games we deem platinum worthy?

Also you wrote that it's enough to have 750G/1000G to earn points for platinum games and 15 when hitting 1000G first. I think you need to get into more details here.
1. I assume you're talking about the original 1000G here with DLC excluded.
2. What about games that launch with more than 1000G? Mass Effect Legendary Edition is upon us and that might have a combined list (similar to Crash, Spyro or Assassin's Creed III Remastered / Ezio Collection) with 3000G or more (because of DLCs). Would the collection count as one platinum or could you get one for each of the three games? If the whole collection counts as one, I'd say simply getting 750G out of 3000G+ wouldn't be enough and hitting "1000G" first to get 15 points wouldn't work either.

These are all good questions

Yes, I will be posting the eligible games for the plats, only one being rn is the Medium. But big 3rd party games and MS published ones will be added, if there's support for other games I will add them, maybe make a poll or if there's enough comments asking about said game I'll add it. I could try a system where it's completely voted on, that would be cool.

Most races/plats are newly released games so usually they wouldn't have DLC in the same season but just in case, this applies to the base game. Mass Effect Legendary, say it launches with 3k GS, to earn the plat you need to have 3/4ths of the total GS, 2,250GS in this case. Because these aren't new games I would still lump them as one for the platinum even if the lists are separated. That said you will still get the individual completion points for each game, if each game has their own list on xbox.