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Chazore said:
DonFerrari said:

So you don't want to present the many flaws you saw because they were already countered and that means that your points are true but not worthy listing? Have you played the game?

No, because I know this song an dance already. I've been here for 7 years and I've danced to that tune and I got fed up with getting modded, because dancing to said tune ended up being long winded bait to get me riled up, so I've decided not to bother with wasting time, writing out novel like stories on why something "sucks", because it almost always is met with "well you're wrong" or "it was debunked", and responses like that are not only low wit responses, but damn near insulting, because it just shows the other person wasn't wanting to discuss or talk in the first place, and I'm really shocked some of you haven't picked up on that mentality on here by now.

I'd make personal examples of that behaviour from some users on this site here, but I know damn well mods don't like it when people like me want to make examples of said people, because they consider it an "attack on character", despite the fact that outside of this very forum, people are judge by their very character.

So since you don't want to discuss the game that you didn't play and the discussion of the merits is also so weak, why are you on the thread then?

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