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Week 2 Breakdown:

PlayStation 4: Down in all regions.
PlayStation 5: Up in Japan; Down in the United States, Europe, and Rest of the World; Down overall.

Xbox One: Down in all regions.
Xbox Series: Up in the United States, Japan, and Rest of the World; Down in Europe; Down overall.

Nintendo Switch: Up in all regions.

Week 2 is officially in the books and we have a much better perspective this time around compared to last week. All 5 systems have shown a steady hold from the prior week. While the PlayStation and Xbox systems were still down Week over Week overall from their competitors, the gap was considerably closer than it was last week. In fact, if the Xbox Series had managed to close the gap just a little bit more in Europe, it would've been up Week over Week overall compared to the Xbox One's 2nd week in 2014!

Thanks in large part to the incredible hold in Japan from last week, the Nintendo Switch is up considerably Week over Week overall compared to last year.

It's evident that all systems are still very much dealing with stock issues even as vaccines are beginning to make the rounds and hopefully should be fully distributed to the public sooner rather than later. So, we could see the baselines for all 5 systems remain relatively high depending on how much Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are able to produce. Which could be beneficial in their respective comparisons as we truly get the year rolling.