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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
FloatingWaffles said:

Halo Infinite - 92

The Medium - 72

i'll update some of these when more gameplay/trailers come out because rn some of these still have hardly anything known 

Curse you! I wanted to have the most negative The Medium prediction!

Also, optimistic Halo Infinite score. Not overly optimistic per say, we don't really know enough about the title to know what it's reception will be (I have a feeling that the availability of it on Gamepass will also perhaps make some of it's shortcomings a little less damning than prior 343 titles). Out of curiosity though, what made you pick 92? Do you personally think it will be amazing, or just that critics will believe it to be so? That sounds condescending to the game but it's not meant to be lol !

hey well i'm not gonna have it either now since we've both already been undershot. we gotta keep going lower :P 

and if i'm being honest I don't actually expect it to hit 92 at all LMAO, perhaps not even 90 or even close. i'd just like to see it happen because this feels like Halo's last chance to become as big and relevant as it once was imo, 343i's Halo games have been good for the most part outside of some blunders (Halo 5's campaign was liquid ass) but it feels like none of them have managed to hit it out of the park yet and are too similar feeling, there's nothing big or new enough for anyone outside of those already invested in it to be drawn into, basically what Gears of War is in rn and why I think that desperately needs a break as well. so if after 5-6 years of development and a complete reinvention of the way the game works and it's still only just "good" like the other games, as weird as that sounds, instead of great or incredible then it'll still be good sure but it'll put into question even more all that development time, and I just don't think it'll be enough to broaden the franchise past the faithful again for what Microsoft and 343i are hoping for with a "spiritual reboot" and fresh start. it really needs to hit it perfectly like God of War did imo so i'm just trying to be optimistic. ;_;

I could be completely wrong tho and putting more pressure on this than needed 

Last edited by FloatingWaffles - on 26 January 2021