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According to a survey of 9,000 Switch owners, It was found that in 2020 as much as 25% of Switch owners have no other console in their household, which is a noticeable leap and jump from 2019, where only 12% of owners didn't own any other console. Which is showing that the Switch is now attracting many non-console gamers than any other console we've seen. We are seeing the console market expand exponentially thanks to the Switch attracting new gamers.

The research suggests that more older people, specifically age 45 and many who grew up with the NES in their youth, are driving up Switch sales and spending and potentially returning to gaming for the first time since the NES. The Switch is also appealing to many more females and parents as well.

Titles such as Ring Fit Adventure and Animal Crossing are largely contributing to this continued expansion in Switch sales, appealing to more non gamers than ever before.

Nintendo is also heavily increasing their advertising budget to appeal to more non-gamers in the 2nd half of the Switch's life to continue the Switch's momentum going forward. Which is likely the reason why we've seen more recent Switch commercials focusing on females,families,and casual games like Animal Crossing and Ring Fit.

So what do you guys think about all of this? Is this surprising and does it change your outlook of the Switch going forward?

IMO, this is definitely good to see for Nintendo and this will really expand the life of the Switch and Nintendo as a whole for years to come. I also think this really goes to show that the Switch might actually have a shot of outselling the DS and PS2 since they're appealing to a large amount of non-gamers which will definitely give the Switch a much higher sales potential since the sky is the limit when a console is able to appeal to casuals. Now since I'm seeing this I feel like I'm almost underestimating how much the Switch could sell, because I never thought the Switch was appealing to as much or more casual gamers than the Wii or DS was, but apparently that's the case as Animal Crossing has lifted the Switch into new heights. I believe the only way the Switch could reach the PS2 and DS is if they appeal to more of the casual market and make the Switch big in weaker regions such as Europe and "Rest of the World" category. However, it seems like Nintendo is doing both successfully as Switch sales are growing exponentially in China and the "Other" regions while appealing to a more casual audience. So I think the DS and PS2 has the possibility of being dethroned.