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Farsala said:
PDiddy said:

From source on ERA:
Switch: ~2.1m
PS5: ~0.8m
XS: ~0.7m

Switch: 1,36m
PS5: 1.14m
XS: ~0.8m

Top 5 retail titles (units):
Cyberpunk 2077: ~1.2m
CoD: Black Ops: ~1.1m
NBA 2K21: ~0.8m
Animal Crossing: ~0.7m
Mario Kart: ~0.6m

CoD: Black Ops: ~1.1m
AC Valhalla: ~0.7m
Miles Morales: ~0.7m
NBA 2K21: ~0.4m
Hyrule Warriors: ~0.3m

No last gen numbers eh. Also did PS5/XBS beat PS4/XB1 from 2013 based on those numbers?

Nope. Disappointed, not gonna lie.

PS4 did over 2 million in 2013. XBO over 1.8 million.