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psychicscubadiver said:

What surprises me is that 'Layton's Mystery Journey' made the list. Not only is it a port of a 3DS game, but it's probably the weakest game in the series in terms of puzzle quality and plot.

Layton's Mystery Journey eShop discounts throughout the year:
85% off to ¥1.000 from March 13 to March 19
77% off to ¥1.500 from April 17 to May 13 (Golden Week)
again 77% off in August (Obon)
again 77% off in December (Christmas/New Year)

Level-5 is desperate for money.

Metallox said:

Another surprise is NBA 2K20. I mean, I would've bet more on FIFA. Maybe it got heavily discounted throughout the year.

It was 95% off to ¥385 in May.