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Xenoblade 1 and 2. (Sci fi jrpgs, deep stories, amazing worlds and good characters.)

Animal Crossing (I think there are pandas in this game not sure though).

Fire Emblem 3H. (Strategy jrpg, has existed since the 80s)

Legend of Zelda Botw and Link’s Awakening.

Mario + Rabbids (Xcom like).

Fire Emblem Warriors, Age of Calamity (Musou games).

Octopath Traveler (inspired of FF5, has job systems) (has a PC port too)

The closest thing you’ll get to Virtual Console is the NES and SNES applications that comes with subsription to Nintendo online. You can find most of the classics in those apps with new games getting added every quarter i think. There is no app for 64 or Gamecube at the moment. Though you can find the Turok games on the Eshop.

Last edited by Stellar_Fungk - on 21 January 2021

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