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curl-6 said:

No, just the same old song and dance we've been hearing since 2017. Comparing the Switch to the Wii is especially foolish now that the two are so clearly completely different in terms of their circumstances and sales trajectory.

More like 2002. It's been the same song and dance since I created my VGChartz account in 2007. It's a perpetual cycle where the same arguments are being repeated again and again.

Nintendo console sells bad (GC, Wii U): "Nintendo consoles don't sell. Nintendo should go 3rd party."

Nintendo console sells good or great but not as well as Sony's console (Wii in its later stages, 3DS, Switch at first): "Sony consoles always outsell Nintendo consoles. Wii / DS don't count. Nintendo does not have the third party support to achieve high sales. They lack AAA western third party games."

Nintendo console flat out smashes sales records and leaves the competition in the dust for a brief period of time (Wii, Switch before the 2020 sales explosion): "Sales are going to fall off a cliff! Nintendo consoles can't sell well for a prolonged period of time. Nintendo consoles only sell because of a gimmick, the novelty will wear off soon. The console is not powerful enough to sell well for more than a few years."

Nintendo console doesn't stop smashing sales records (DS, Switch): "It doesn't count! Only Nintendo games sell on Nintendo consoles, so it still doesn't count. Handhelds don't count, they always sell well (*), we should focus on the home console market."

(*) This argument died with the Switch because with the Switch the narrative turned into "handheld gaming is dead".

Of course, third party games sell great on the Switch and sold great on Wii and DS, so the last point turns into a heated debate as this is the last resort. It truly is a never-ending cycle where no matter what Nintendo does, or how well a Nintendo console sells, there's always the same arguments against them. And this has been the case since the Gamecube days when Internet forums become more and more popular.