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COKTOE said:
Runa216 said:

I know this isn't a popular opinion, but PS1 games (And N64 games) Have NOT aged well. that entire generation was a bust for me. 

Agreed. And I think that opinion may be a bit more popular than you realize. Although I definitely wouldn't consider it a bust, as I enjoyed it at the time, it's difficult to return to. Even gen 6 can be jarring upon revisitation.

Keep in mind this opinion includes games like Mario 64, Ocarina of TIme, and Metal Gear Solid. I don't think they're BAD or anything (And I completely agree that they were integral to the medium as a whole), I just think they're an absolute slog to play now. The controllers, the graphics, the design aspects...all obtuse as hell. I can play OOT on 3DS just fine, but trying to play it on an N64 is a goddamn nightmare and I don't think the world and dungeon design is good enough to overcome that very significant hurdle. 

I think JRPGs and, ironically, racing games are the only 5th gen games that have aged well. Final Fantasy, Mario Kart, stuff like that was amazing but trying to play shooters or platformers or adventure games on those consoles was a bust. Again, I do agree the games were instrumental in the medium as a whole but they do not hold up at all. 

SNES games do. NES games do. Gamecube games do and may very well have held up better than any other console of its era despite it failing (Truly ahead of its time), but the N64 and PS1? Eeeeh, big old pass from me. 

Wait, Mega Man 8 and X4-6 were all amazing. because they were 2D. Castlevania Symphony of the Night, too. I just feel the Ps1 and N64 could DO 3D, but not do it well enough to compare to the quality of 2D games. It would have been the pinnacle of 2D gaming, instead they chose to be the pits of 3D gaming. That's how technology works and I Accept that, but still. I have a PS5, it makes me happy, and yet I still play stuff like the Mega Man X Legacy collection on it more than Demon's Souls (Though I did put nearly 100 hours into Demon's Souls)

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