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Dulfite said:

At this point I'm done with social media. I will check things every now and then to see what friends and relatives are up to but I'm not planning to post stuff anywhere right now. Not just about the data but the idea of a company deciding who can post what is disturbing to me. It's their company so they can enforce whatever policy they want, but it's my right to not be on that platform anymore. I'm done with Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Is Signal any better, or just so in the short term before they turn into the monsters they are trying to replace? And will they get shut down by the big liberal media overlords like Parler did?

Uh, neither WhatsApp nor Signal can really be considered social media, and you can't really call Telegram social media either. Think more along the lines of Skype, IRC, and Discord, and you're closer. In case that's not clear enough, here's some more: They're all for instant messaging, whereas social media rarely is about instant messaging.