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I have no idea how reliable Forbes can be. Does anyone here know?

Anyway, they claim the PS5 grabbed a 65.05% market share worldwide against 34.94% on the Series X/S.

Another interesting thing is that they claim the Xbox market share has actually been growing in the last couple of years.
"By the end of the year, the PS5 took 65% of the worldwide market share, while the Xbox grabbed 35%... However, this market share gap could tighten in the coming months and years. GamingSmart’s research found that in 2018, Xbox had just 25.3% of the console market; in 2019, this rose to 37.4%; over the entirety of 2020, Microsoft took an average of 39.3%."

Does anyone have any idea how reliable this could be?

Source: PS5 Wins 2020 Market War-But Not In The U.S.